Launched in 2007, PROVE (Project for Return and Opportunity in Veterans Education), strives to create an environment in which veterans can more easily access the resources they need to successfully transition from military life to student life and find a community of other student veterans.

Those who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reveserves are leaving a supportive community built upon intense shared experiences. Providing a strong supportive community focused on the specific needs of student veterans will help them with their transition.
“[PROVE Model] To enhance services to CUNY student veterans through collaboration and teamwork with exisiting campus services to create synergy and act as an asset-multiplier.” Leora Shudofsky, LMSW - PROVE Co-Director
PROVE offers campus support teams made up of social work interns, student veteran mentors, and experienced field instructors. These teams pair up with existing campus professional staff to connect new and current student veterans to the resources they need as they transition from the military to college life. PROVE is currently housed on four campuses within the CUNY system (Hostos Community Center, Hunter College, and John Jay University).

We recognize that many student veterans, partially due to stigma, hesitate in seeking mental health services. They may also display reluctance to confide in civilian peers, mistrusting the motivations for the offer of help. The veteran community is a close-knit, founded on principles of community, loyalty, and brotherhood. Veterans relax in the presence of other veterans, freely sharing more information regarding life-experiences, as well as demonstrating a drive to help each other out. It is for this reason that our program is co-located within campus student veteran resource centers (VRCs); in this way we are able to meet each student where he or she is at. By providing services within a comfortable and safe environment, there is an increased chance for success in fostering engagement.